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Tony Green - Gypsy Jazz (REVIEW - Guitar Player)

[Orleans OR-1811 (1996)]

By the 14th century, the Gypsies had settled across Europe after centuries of migrating from India. Since they settled virtually everywhere and incorporated the local culture into their own, their culture isn't exactly definitive. New Orleans musician Tony Green caught the Gypsy jazz bug while traveling ing Europe in the late 70s and has embodied its freewheeling spirit ever since. Green is a passionate guitarist whose nimble fingers dance frenetically across the fretboard ("Zingano") while plucking each string with convincing authority. Three of the 11 tunes ("Bolero," "Calvarie," "Nudges") are worthy interpretations of Gypsy icon Django Reinhardt, while the rest are originals or traditional arrangements. Like the Gypsies' cultural integration, Green keeps his civic musical heritage intact with a selection ("Petit Flour") from New Orleans jazz legend Sidney Becket and tributes jazz stalwart Bud Brown on "Waltz for Pud." Everyone has a little Gypsy in them - Tony Green just helps you realize it.

--- (DW)


Originally posted in Guitar Player (February/March '98) No. 74, pg. 86


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