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Roland Stone

Between the 1950s and 1990s, Roland Stone, known initially as Roland LeBlanc, was a popular R&B and Pop singer from New Orleans who recorded and performed extensively during his career. He was born on August 12, 1941, and passed away on December 22, 1999. Singer Aaron Neville described him as "the singingest white guy I've ever heard." 


Born in New Orleans, he began playing guitar during his teenage years as a member of The Jokers, a Warren Easton High School band. His entry into The Skyliners came in 1959 through an invitation extended by Mac Rebennack, who was later known as Dr. John. Although he secured a contract with Ace Records, his initial recording was actually for the Spinett label set up by the singer Frankie Ford and manager Joe Caronna,  This debut recording was a rendition of the song "Junco Partner," reworked as "Preacher's Daughter." Caronna altered the singer's name to Stone for contractual reasons. He proceeded to record "Something Special" at the Ace label, a track composed and produced by Rebennack and arranged by Allen Toussaint. In addition, he recorded "Just A Moment", which garnered regional success and is estimated to have sold 100,000 copies. Although earlier records were successful, later recordings in the early 1960s, some released on Cosimo Matassa's White Cliffs label,  did not achieve the same level of sales. 


Stone left the music industry in 1964. After working in New Orleans and Texas under his given name, he eventually moved back to his hometown in 1979 to assist at his uncle's dry cleaning business. 

Following an approach from record producer Carlo Ditta, he recorded again with Dr. John anew in the 1990s, releasing two albums on Orleans Records, Remember Me and Live on the Creole Queen.


In addition to his work at a galvanized metal company alongside his brother, he continued to perform at nearby clubs and festivals. In 1999, his Ace recordings were compiled and released in the UK. At the age of 58, he died in New Orleans that year.


Roland Stone - Remember Me - ORL1111.remini-enhanced.jpg

Roland Stone
Remember Me

Roland Stone - Live On The Creole Queen - Cover Outside 1.jpg

Roland Stone
Live on the Creole Queen


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