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Guitar Slim Jr.

Also known as Rodney Glenn Armstrong, Guitar Slim Jr. is the son of Eddie "Guitar Slim" Jones and is a blues guitarist and singer hailing from New Orleans. Huey "Piano" Smith gifted him his debut guitar, and Earl King bestowed the nickname "Guitar Slim Jr." upon him. In 1988, with the help of a talented group of New Orleans sidemen, he made his debut album, following the path set by his father. Orleans Records released "The Story of My Life," which was recorded at the Big Easy Studio located on Paris Avenue and produced by label owner Carlo Ditta. The following year, it received a nomination for Best Traditional Blues Album at the Grammy Awards. 


Stevie Ray Vaughan, the Texas blues star, was opened for by Slim, and the two formed a friendship. He associated with Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, who was a contemporary of his father. He was friends with Prince and Johnny Winter and may have even recorded music at Paisley Park. Regrettably, his straightforward way of life hindered him from fully taking advantage of these opportunities. 


Despite his live performances, he has only ventured into the studio twice since The Story of My Life. His albums Nothing Nice in 1996 and Brought Up The Hard Way in 2010 have been his only releases since. Currently, he leads a calm existence in Washington D.C.


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Guitar Slim Jr
The Story Of My Life

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