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Guitar Slim Jr. — The Story Of My Life

It was his first album and it earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Traditional Blues Album in 1989. Now, Guitar Slim Jr. has reissued The Story Of My Life—giving contemporary blues fans the chance to appreciate talent that’s been overlooked for far too long by the larger audience.

These are ten tracks that cut to the bone with truths that are unavoidable if you’re really not afraid to celebrate the human condition with the blues.

If the scorching guitar and the sympathy-drenched vocals sound familiar, it’s because he is the son of Eddie “Guitar Slim” Jones, one of the most influential blues artists of his generation. The album includes several covers of his father’s classic tunes. But enough about things that came before, for it is Jr.’s skillful interpretation of the material that is just as astounding. Clearly these songs are in his musical marrow.

This album is a reminder that there are supremely gifted artists among us today… and Guitar Slim Jr. is definitely one. It’s just that you sometimes need to go out and find them. Search the black New Orleans club circuit over the past few decades and you would certainly have encountered the impressive Mr. Slim. So the question isn’t “Where has Guitar Slim Jr. been all my life?” The real question is “Where have you been?

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

--- Greg Victor – May 10, 2017


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