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When it comes to the best music in New Orleans, Orleans Records is the place to be. This is the home to two of the strongest compilations celebrating the artist and musical heritage of the genre.


The New Orleans musical renaissance of the 1990s that’s made the city come alive with creative sounds of unprecedented variety has been seriously aided and abetted by the handful of locally-based record labels that document and distribute the otherwise obscure sounds of the Crescent City.

Carlo Ditta’s Orleans Records is definitely in the very first rank of New Orleans record companies active in the ’90s. Label owner and acclaimed producer Carlo has labored to produce a series of fine recordings by overlooked or under-recorded artists whose works are now recognized as important and colorful strains of the rich musical fabric of New Orleans. One-of-a-kind characters like Danny and Blue Lu Barker, Coco Robicheaux, Roland Stone, Ironing Board Sam, Little Freddie King, Rockie Charles and the elusive Guitar Slim Jr. are Carlo’s specialty and stock-in-trade. Read More Here


The music in this collection was recorded live during weekly midnight masses at Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel, The International Shrine of St. Jude. Built in 1826 as a mortuary chapel during one of the Crescent City's periodically devastating yellow fever epidemics, this beautiful little church has stood on the edge of New Orleans' French Quarter throughout the Cival War, Reconstruction, bloom years when cotton was king, the heyday of the Storyville District, where Jazz was born up to present times. 

This "Church That Would Not Die" continues to inspire faith, hope, and love among city councilmen and street people, constables and conmen, international pilgrims and nearby neighbors, and saints and sinners.

Many of New Orleans' finest musicians have offered their considerable talents inside these old walls. We are blessed with a taste of the spirit through these uplifting, heartfelt, soulful recordings. All artist's royalties will be donated to St. Jude's Community Center, New Orleans.


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Various Artists
The Orleans Records Story

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Various Artists
IMidnight At St. Jude's


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dorothy goodman this time

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