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Robert Lowery's Earthquake Blues (REVIEW - RockPool)

Another acoustic blues record of note is Robert Lowery's Earthquake Blues (Orleans). Recorded in Santa Cruz on the front porch of Orleans' prez Carlo Ditta, the title track documents Lowery's experience when the "big one" hit in October of '89. He too pays his debt to Robert Johnson with a couple of covers, but what makes this disc unique are the spoken introductions before most of the songs. lowery basically tells his life story: being born in Arkansas, contemplating a move to Chicago's south side before ramblin' out to the left coast. His wit and down-home eloquence is like listening to your grandfather talk about the good 'ole days and how hard they were.

---Brian Long


Excerpt taken from the article "Station to Station," Rockpool (September 1st, 1991), Vol. 13, Issue 26


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