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ROBERT LOWERY - A Good Man Is Hard To Find (REVIEW - Good Times)

Local Robert Lowery has a new blues album.


Most of the local blues players can recognize that we have a treasure living amongst us, one who has been around since the old days and captures the feel of the stuff he grew up on - like Robert Johnson, Brownie McGhee, and Arthur Crudup. And he delivers the goods with the conviction of one who's been there, as Lowery truly has. The depth of this recording is captured in its simplicity and authenticity, without compromising originality.

Lowery plays a clean slide guitar, not muddled up with sidestepping or studio tricks. Virgil Thrasher, Lowery's longtime harp player, keeps it straightforward too, playing just enough to embellish the rural aura. Katie Webster takes the keyboards for a few cuts, making the overall feel a bit fuller than his former, front porch release. It's a humble, good-natured endeavor made by one whose roots lie deep in Delta and country blues traditions. A good man is hard to find all right, but one doesn't have to look too far. Lowery's been here all along. Favored cuts include "My Baby's Calling," "Hobo Blues," and of course, the title track.

--- Betty Lenz


Originally published in Good Times (December 15th, 1994), pg. 26


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