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Ironing Board Sam / The Human Touch [REVIEW - BLUE SUEDE NEWS]

Orleans Records OR-1711

Ironing Board Sam (Sammie Moore) has had the moniker since he didn't have legs for his electric keyboard and had to use something to set it on. In the mid-'60s Sam did a session for Chess, but the notes don't say whether they ever released it. Originally from South Carolina, Sam worked professionally first backing Robert "Nature Boy" Montgomery, and gravitated to Memphis, where he picked up his stage name. He has made singles for Atlantic, Styletone, Holiday and his own Board label before settling in New Orleans for the second time, and now cutting this title for Orleans Records. This is a mellow CD, with 9 originals plus Robert Cray's "Phone Booth" and the standard "Oh, Danny Boy". Sam's keyboard (& key bass) are backed just with electric guitar, drums, and on one cut a very nice lap steel part. The title tune has a definite New Orleans feel to it, with varying shades of blues making most of the other material. Very pleasant listening! Orleans Records, [address relocated].


Originally published in Blue Suede News #38 (Spring '97), pg. 55


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