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Throughout a career that includes producing a hit record on Willy DeVille backed by a who’s who of New Orleans r ’n’ b legends, a Grammy nominated LP on Guitar Slim Jr., as well as numerous other releases on his Orleans Records label, Carlo has mostly operated behind the scenes. With his new solo release, Hungry For Love, he steps into the spotlight as an artist. Hopefully his time in the Ring Room hasn’t spoiled his appetite.

Topics include a pain, virtue signaling, Troubled Worlds colliding, boxing, Hendrix in New Orleans, a tape recorder, a Nehru shirt, St. Paul’s boarding school, a NYC vacation, the Metropole Cafe, Linda Keith, Ironing Board Sam, a golden age, the hippie takeover, Ecole Classique, the Hirt family, Ditta Concrete, another Valencia blacklisting, hair rules, immigrants, a natural performer, child labor, Chuck Credo, Quaaludes, Barbara Hoover and the Beat Exchange, a relocation, Kerry Brown, Mighty Sam McClain, A.J. Loria, the 1984 World’s Fair, a Grammy nomination, Victory Mixture, Jerry Jumonville, and much more.

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Intro music: Styler/Coman

Outro music: Hungry For Love by Carlo Ditta from his new Orleans Records release


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