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New Orleans producer adds a second release of his own material. He has a voice full of road wear which insists you listen to it, while absorbing the weary determination he promotes. The players include Anthony Donado and Chewy “Thunderfoot” Black trading off on drums while David Hyde and Earl “Stereo” Stanley do the same on bass; Rick Stelmo plays various keys, Jerry Jumonville plays sax and Andrew Bernard becomes an entire reed section on tenor and bari saxes on one song. Other guests include Johnny Peninno (sax), Angelamia Bachemin (congas), Dave Easley pedal steel (five songs), Mark Trentacosta (guitar, 1 song), backing vocals by Trea Swindell and Deanna Bernard and Freddy Staehle provides an entire rhythm section on the opening song. If you like crusty vocals and reworking of a few familiar songs which don’t entirely sound familiar and have a little grease in blues, check this out. Click here to catch a live performance of “House Of The Rising Sun”.


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